Reflex Slalom Hardshell Binding Size 12 (Carbon Plate)

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Reflex Slalom Shell (V2)


Reflex 840 Release

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The Reflex Slalom Binding System with Carbon plate is custom built by the best skiers in the world to deliver unsurpassed comfort, safety and performance on the water.   With unmatched response and control as well as a release mechanism to prevent injury these bindings are a no brainer when wanting to take your skiing to the next level!  Its the undisputed ‘go-to’ system for all competition level waterskiers around the globe and is used by any skier that values their time and safety on the water.

The Slalom Binding is exactly the same as the classic boot, but with the addition of an Achilles strap to reduce pressure on the achilles during a fall.  The strap puts pressure back into the release unit faster than with a classic binding system.  As a result, this boot is only recommended for slalom or free-skiing where the skier does not jump the wakes.

The hardshell boot and Stainless 850 Release system protects the foot and releases at a set pressure similar to a snow-ski release.  There is no inconsistency of laces, bungees or straps which can be over-tightened to get the locked in-feeling we all love in our bindings.  The release unit is set based on the skiers size/weight and skiing ability using the guide provided in the packaging.

Many manufacturers claim to have the best bindings, but none can prove it like Reflex.  More World, National and Regional records have been set using Reflex bindings than any other product on the market.  The system is so good, many of the top binding manufacturers are starting to license the technology from Reflex.

The binding is supplied on a composite plate with aesthetic carbon top sheet with everything you need to fit to the ski.  The short plate can be adjusted between a size 4-10 shell sizing.  For size 12 and above, select the Long version of the binding.


Choose a thicker liner for comfort, for thinner feet or if you are at the lower end of a size band.  The thinner liner provides a closer connection to the ski and can be beneficial if you have wider feet.

Plate – Carbon or Regular?

The standard plate is black G10 composite and is much stronger and lasts longer than Aluminium plates.  You can also upgrade to the carbon plate.  There is no weight or strength difference between plates, its purely for aesthetics.


  • Check the size-chart to ensure you select the correct size boot for your foot size.  The most accurate measurement is Euro/CM.
  • Read the setup instructions fully prior to use.
  • While Reflex is one of the safest bindings on the market, waterskiing is a dynamic sport.  Ski within your limits and check your equipment before getting on the water.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

Reflex Slalom Shell (V2)


12 Left, 12 Right


Liner Type & Size

4 Thin (S), 6 Thin (M), 8 Thin (L), 10 Thin (XL), 12 Thin (XXL), 4 Pro Thick Left (S), 6 Pro Thick Left (M), 8 Pro Thick Left (L), 10 Pro Thick Left (XL), 12 Pro Thick Left (XXL), 4 Pro Thick Right (S), 6 Pro Thick Right (M), 8 Pro Thick Right (L), 10 Pro Thick Right (XL), 12 Pro Thick Right (XXL)


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