Reflex Slalom Binding (Full Setup)

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The Reflex system offers an unsurpassed level of safety for skiers of all levels.  The Silvretta 750 release system provides the security of a reliable mechanical release system and is coupled with the support for the foot and ankle provided by the hard-shell of the boot.

The Slalom binding is similar to the Classic Binding Shell, however this shell allows greater movement of the ankle and allows skiers to be further back on the ski through the wakes.  In addition, this shell also incorporates a Flexion brake to protect the achilles during hard falls.  This boot system is widely recommended for people who have had past ankle and/or foot injuries.

The white slalom shell is appropriate for shortline skiers who are further back on the ski off the second wake and through the pre-turn.  Note the Classic Shell can be fitted with the optional Flexion Brake to protect the Achilles.

Many binding systems are cheaper, but very few offer the levels of safety and comfort as Reflex.


Choose a thicker liner for comfort and for thinner feet, or a thin liner for a closer connection to the ski or for wider feet.

Plate Type:
Both plates offer the same high performance due lightweight, high density composite plate, however the carbon version has an additional layer of polished carbon.
The long plate option is for size 12 shells only.

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12 Left, 12 Right, 10 Left, 10 Right, 8 Left, 8 Right, 6 Left, 6 Right, 4 Left, 4 Right


Liner Type & Size

4 Thin (S), 6 Thin (M), 8 Thin (L), 10 Thin (XL), 12 Thin (XXL), 4 Pro Thick Left (S), 6 Pro Thick Left (M), 8 Pro Thick Left (L), 10 Pro Thick Left (XL), 12 Pro Thick Left (XXL), 4 Pro Thick Right (S), 6 Pro Thick Right (M), 8 Pro Thick Right (L), 10 Pro Thick Right (XL), 12 Pro Thick Right (XXL)


Plate Type

Long Regular (Shell size 12), Long Carbon (Shell size 12), Regular Plate (Shell 4-10), Carbon Plate (Shell 4-10)

1 review for Reflex Slalom Binding (Full Setup)

  1. PatRe

    Reflex built it right. My initial motivation for purchase was safety. Ultra control, comfort and quality proved a bonus. Ski sensitivity can be directly controlled to your liking via strap tightness. The shell allows for application of front ankle flex and subsequent toe pressure – something my ski loves. Technical support is second to none. Mr. Shaw promptly answered all my questions regarding setup, use and then some. Suffice to say, “Impressive system, impressive people… Thank you New Zealand Reflex!”
    Pat Regan, USA

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