Reflex Binding Liner (Pro Thick or Thin)

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The Reflex liners are perfectly matched to the size of both the Reflex Slalom and the Reflex Classic shells.

Choosing the right liner:

The Thin liner provides:
> better contact with the binding and as a result increased control over the ski.
> a better fit for wider feet.

The Pro-Liner is the latest and greatest and provides:
> the most comfortable feel on the foot.
> thermoformable for that perfect fit and comfort.
> slightly thicker than the thin liner filling out the shell if you are on the bottom of the size chart.


Note: the sizes align to the shell sizes as follows:

Shell SizeLiner Size


Additional information

Liner Type & Size

4 Thin (S), 6 Thin (M), 8 Thin (L), 10 Thin (XL), 12 Thin (XXL), 4 Pro Thick Left (S), 6 Pro Thick Left (M), 8 Pro Thick Left (L), 10 Pro Thick Left (XL), 12 Pro Thick Left (XXL), 4 Pro Thick Right (S), 6 Pro Thick Right (M), 8 Pro Thick Right (L), 10 Pro Thick Right (XL), 12 Pro Thick Right (XXL)


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