Reflex Furtif Trick Ski

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The Reflex trick skis are the lightest skis of the market, weighing less than 1.2 Kg.

The Furtif is a high-end ski, primarily made for hand tricks, but can also be used as a toe-ski.  This ski has been kept exceptionally light, resulting in a ski that is incredibly responsive and with amazing pop and lift off the wake for easy flips.  The ski also holds a strong and stable edge through the wake, perfect for spins and ski line tricks.

Reflex trick skis are designed and built with the highest standards in CAD-CAM and composite construction available today.  The skis feature an accurate, high durability, PVC foam core, carbon & Kevlar optimized lay-up and a curing process under vacuum. These materials and processes guarantee an accurate, repeatable and controlled flex curve which makes our skis durable, reliable and performant.

Note, this ski does not come with inserts as standard and we recommend mounting bindings with 3M VHB bond tape.  As skis are usually manufactured to order, inserts and colour are options.

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41", 42", 43", 44", 45"

1 review for Reflex Furtif Trick Ski

  1. chrisshaw

    I know I might be a bit biased, but I love this ski! I have taken 2 sets on it this morning and it rocked. Its certainly going to be my new hand ski.

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