Raptor Trick Ski Heelstrap

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So you are starting to get a bit more advanced on that trick ski then!

If you have started learning flips or any ski-line tricks, you have probably already experienced the issue with your back foot coming out of the kicker and the pain when it hits the edge of the ski.  Top end trickers have been using old pieces of bicycle inner-tube as a heelstrap to hold their foot in for years, but now the Raptor heelstraps have made life so much easier for trickers.

These heelstraps have great padding so they are really comfortable, plus the elasticated strap has webbing with mounting holes on each end for longevity.  So no more pulling apart bindings to replace heelstraps – and no more threading screws in skis (for those of you without inserts).

Currently there are 2 NZ team skiers using these heelstraps – both of which took medals in the trick event at the 2012 NZ Nationals.

1 review for Raptor Trick Ski Heelstrap

  1. chrisshaw

    Way better than the tyre inner-tube I was using before. My first one of these lasted over 3 years before breaking, and even then it was just loose and still held the foot in. Kind of handy if you break it during a tournament.

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