Camaro Impact Vest Pro (XL)

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The Camaro Men’s Pro “Impact” Vest:

This is the world famous vest from Camaro that has reshaped what people demand from their competition vest.  Designed to offer unmatched fit, support and flexibility, the Men’s Pro Impact Vest has quickly become the Competition Vest of choice for skiers the world over!  With its proven back brace designed to relieve pressure off the spine, it also offers very little vest movement in and above the water.

Material:PU/Spandex & neoprene
  • belt and back brace to relief pressure from the spine
  • kidney belt is non-removeable
  • two zippers to wear the belt inside and outside
  • reversible vest
  • integrated shock protection and floating aids on chest, back and ripcage
  • perfect freedom of movement thanks to multi-chamber system
  • anatomical shape for best fit
  • vest is not CGA approved