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Slalom Skis

D3 are widely acknowledged as creating some of the Worlds best slalom water skis.  You might not see much marketing, but their aim has always been ultimate quality and demonstrating their ability through results.  They dominate podiums around the world at every level, hold over 50% of world records and are reknowned for creating some of the most usable and high performing skis on the market.  By creating such consistent and fogiving skis, you can be at your best whatever your level or conditions on the water.

Slalom Bindings

Choose from the best of the classic rubber bindings from D3 or the high performance, high safety Reflex system. D3 bindings have been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate rubber skiers binding.  D3 designed their bindings with special stretch panels to overcome the safety concerns of lace-up bindings not releasing in a crash. Reflex have over 20 years experience designing the high performance hardshell binding systems.  From the original 303 release, there has been continual upgrades to the 5th generation 840 Release system bringing further improvements to the materials and design.   If you want a high performance binding but dont want to compromise on safety, choose Reflex!

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Slalom Gear
Slalom Gear


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